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Article ID:                  4209

Subject:                    Unsuccessful Delivery of 9ae Email Notifications

Last Modified:         September 9, 2013


Applies to:       9ae


Issue: 9ae sends out three basic types of email notifications that may be delayed or blocked from the recipient due to various email settings. Knowledge of when the emails are sent out and what may cause email blocking can assist with timely email receipt. 9ae has three main types of email notifications that are sent out at different times:


          Live Emails- usually delivered within 5 minutes

-          New Showing

-          New Contact Notice

-          Agent Welcome Letter

-          Seller Welcome Letter

-          New Listing on

          Nightly Scheduled Emails- delivery occurs after Midnight

-          Showing Response/Showing Feedback

-          Agent Marketing Letters/Drip Campaigns

-          Event/Appointment Reminders


Cause:  Various email settings may cause emails not to be received.


 9ae will place the word Invalid before an email address if one of the following conditions occur:

-          Receiving Party has Reported Email as Spam.

-          3 Unsuccessful Email Delivery Attempts.

-          Recipient has clicked the Remove Option at the Bottom of the Company/Agent Marketing Emails.

          Emails may also be prevented from being received by the following conditions:

-          Extreme Spam Filters allow only emails from addresses on the recipients friendly list

-          Receiving Party Mailbox is Full 

-          Sending Email Address Does Not have an SPF Record-

                        (Note: does have an SPF record. Email addresses without an SPF are

typically from Spammers so that you will not know where the email is from.)

-          Sending Email Address has an Open Relay

(Note: does not have an Open Relay.)

Resolution:  Address the setting that is causing the unsuccessful delivery of the emails.


          Invalid placed before the email address: Verify that the email address is the correct email to use. Replace the email if needed, or the Invalid can be removed from in front of the email address so 9ae will attempt to send emails.

          Spam Filters:

-          Earthlink: does not respond to Earthlink’s email request for verification, so the recipient must add to their white list.

-          AOL with High Security: Lower the security level to medium or add and the Administrator’s email to their address book.

-          Outlook with High Security: Lower security level.

-          Outlook: a rule has deleted or moved the incoming email from the inbox. Add/Modify the rule to allow emails from and the Administrator.

          Full Mailbox: have the recipient delete or archive old emails so that new emails can be received.

          No SPF Record: For more information on Reverse SPF:


          Open Relay: - For more information on Open Relay:



Additional Information: Below is a link you can use to get a copy of the latest user guide:




          Select the link

          View and print the Guide. 


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Keywords: Emails, Unsuccessful Email Delivery, Failure to Deliver, VML, 4209

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