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Article ID:                  4081

Subject:                    Top Google Ranking Module Lead Capture Link

Last Modified:         September 9, 2013


Applies to:                Top Google Ranking Module (powered by


Issue:  Top Google Ranking Module can capture prospect data within your company’s web site, by placing the included html code in key areas of your web site(s).


Once the prospect fills in his/her contact information, they will be automatically sent to Pro Gold i2 under the Prospects tab as a new company prospect, and an email will be automatically sent to the VML Administrator for agent assignment. Once the lead is assigned, an automatic email or text message will be sent to the assigned agent.


Resolution:  The step below explains the setup of the Lead Capture Link for Top Google Ranking Module.


          Standard HTML Link

<a href="">Link Text</a>


          Modified Link with Lead Capture

<a target="_blank" href="">Link Text</a>


Note: “XXXX”= Company ID. Contact Support at for the Company ID.


          Webmaster Instructions / Link Placeholder 


target="_blank" - Indicates the link should be opened in a new window.  If omitted the current window will be used.

''  - Address of the lead capture link page.

'?coid=XXXX' – Company Id provided by Taro Systems, Inc.  Used to pass company logo to maintain identity.

'&link=Link_Id_Text'  - uniquely identifies your existing link.  The Link_ID_Text is added to the notes and should be replaced with text that identifies the link. e.g. 'Search Listing' or 'Request Info'

'&fwd=' - prefixes the original link href text.  Note the http:// prefix was removed from the original href value. This lets the lead capture page know what landing page to take the customer after they have completed the form.


          Exceptions: If the original link looks like one of the links below and the web site in question is  Note the is missing.


         <a href="Search.htm">Link Text</a>


-          You will need to add it into the link first.


                     <a href="">Link Text</a>


-          Now add the lead capture link code.

<a href="">Link Text</a>


References:   Below is a link you can use to get a copy of the latest user guide:


          Select the link

          View and print the Guide. 


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Keywords:, Top Google Ranking Module, VML, Lead Capture Link, Contacts, Code, 4081

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