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Article ID:                  4080

Subject:                    Top Google Ranking Module Logo Widget

Last Modified:         September 10, 2013


Applies to:                Top Google Ranking Module (powered by


Issue:  The Top Google Ranking Module logo is NOT copyright free and there are usage requirements for the Top Google Ranking Module logo. We ask that anyone considering use of the logo keep the following guidelines in mind. 

          Only “official” logos, provided by Taro Systems, Inc., shall be used.  

          Any scaling must retain the original proportions of the logo. 

          Other than the variations listed in this manual, the logo may not be modified in any way.

          Additional text may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself.


Resolution:  Permission is granted to use the logo, subject to the above guidelines, on any website. If you wish to use the logo on any commercial product then your usage of the logo must be approved. Your usage of the logo should not be done in such a way as to imply any form of approval of the product by Taro Systems, Inc. 


          License Agreement: Taro Systems, Inc. grants you permission to establish a link to  web site and a right to use, in connection with the web link, the Top Google Ranking Module logo, subject to the following conditions:

-          The Top Google Ranking Module logo may be used only for the purpose of hyper-linking to the URL

-          You will not alter the appearance of the Top Google Ranking Module logo Widget in any manner.

-          You will not make use of any intellectual property of Taro Systems, Inc., other than the link button, without the written consent from Taro Systems, Inc. 

-          Your website's name and/or logo should clearly identify you as the owner of the linking site.

          Standard Widget for Companies Logo:  The logo widget can be scaled proportionately to fit your layout. The logo cannot be stretched, skewed or altered. You man generate the HTML code with the following link:

          Minimum Size Requirements on a Website:

-          1.5 (width) x 1.483 (height) inches

-          450 (width) x 445 (height) pixels

          Linking to There is only one way you can link to, through a graphical (logo) hyperlink to . Please use the graphic logo and insert the following html hyperlink (

          Proper written treatment of  Always spell with a capital "V", a capital "M", and a capital "L". There are no spaces between ‘View’ and ‘My’ and Listing’. When is used in a sentence, do not use ‘www.’, or ‘http://’.

          You can use the Logo Widget as a Text link as well

          Logo Resources: If you require a size other than the size you have, contact Taro Systems, Inc., Marketing Manager (Email:; Ph.: 616-940-0007).


References:   Below is a link you can use to get a copy of the latest user guide:

          Select the link

          View and print the Guide. 


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