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Article ID:                  4077

Subject:                    Helpful Hints for Setting up Top Google Ranking Module

Last Modified:         September 9, 2008


Applies to:                Top Google Ranking (powered by


Issue:  Top Google Ranking module is available on the web, fully automatic and easy to use. There are a few key points that will greatly assist you in the implementation and understanding of how this system works.  


Resolution:  Steps for the setup and maintenance of Top Google Ranking module accounts.


          Point 1: Your Pro Gold i2 software has the ability to activate an agent to Top Google Ranking module by simply adding an agent with a unique email address in “Agent Setup” . This is automatically generate an  email with login instructions to the agent.

          Point 2:  When agents login to Top Google Ranking module they are technically connected to our Servers in Michigan. We maintain a data base containing some information within your Pro Gold i2 System. Top Google Ranking module gets its information through an automatic synchronization process that occurs when the first person logs into Pro Gold i2 during a 24 hour period of time. Synchronization can also occur by user activation or in certain areas of Pro Gold i2 when new contacts are entered. Other than agent invoices (Read Only) accounting data is not synchronized.

          Point 3: Make sure you set up at least one administrative staff person in Top Google Ranking module by checking the "VML Admin" & “VML Active” box in the Agent Information area of the Properties Menu. Administration capabilities are reserved for special notices from Top Google Ranking module and have advanced privileges. It is recommended that owners and sales managers also be given an account with administrative privileges.

          Point 4: There is an online help button in Top Google Ranking module, under the help tab with access to manuals, videos, and other helpful documentation. You can view or print the documentation manual with the link listed below. Also included is a link to and agent handout on Top Google Ranking module.

-          1) For online help download at:

-          2) Download an Office Presentation at:



          Point 5: Administrative users of Top Google Ranking module are allowed to access our resource center for 9ce questions and technical help. You may also email us at:

          Point 6: Your Pro Gold i2 software does not need to be fully setup for Top Google Ranking module to function; agent information and listing inventory are the primary information needed for setup.


References:   Below is a link you can use to get a copy of the latest user guide:


          Select the link

          View and print the Guide. 


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