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Article ID:          4277

Subject:            2501 Open Form Action Canceled Error Message or SQL Server 2005

    Express Edition failed to install properly during the download installation

Last Modified: November 11, 2013       


Applies to:        Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose:  The MS Access portion of our application is attempting to the open the main menu form and the form fails to open.  The actual cause of this failure is that the PC operating system failed to properly install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition during the Pro Gold i2 installation process.  The SQL installation failed due to the MSXML 6 file installed by Service Pack 2 on the PC not being SQL compliant.  The file MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 2 (KB954459) listed in the Add/Remove Programs list must be removed from Add/Remove Programs, however, the PC operating system cannot remove it.  Removal of this file requires the installation of Microsoft’s Windows Cleanup Installer program.  Once installed, the cleanup tool can be used to remove the non SQL compliant MSXML 6.0 file.  Once the non SQL compliant file is removed, you must manually start the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition installation via the command (i.e., DOS) prompt.  The SQL installation will install an SQL compliant form of the MSXML 6.0 file.


   The steps to download/install the cleaner tool, remove the MSXML 6.0 file and restart the SQL installation are technical in nature and should be completed by an intermediately knowledgeable technician.  Taro Systems can perform this function on a fee basis (i.e., Paid Service) as a Level 3 incident.  Please contact customer service at 1-616-940-0007 for additional help.


ProcedureFollow the steps below to remove and re-install MSXML 6.0. The steps must be performed in the order they are listed.


         Step 1:  Download Windows Cleanup Installer and Remove existing MSXML 6 file:


-     Logout out of Pro Gold on the PC and any other application you can see

-     Open the browser on the PC

-     Use the link below to access the Microsoft Download Site and retrieve the program:


-     Select the Save option

-     Save the item on the Desktop of the PC

-     Wait for the download to finish

-     Run the item when it completes downloading (Launch from Desktop in necessary)

-     Wait for the application to finish extracting

-     Select Run if PC Security system prompts to not Run it

-     It will automatically launch the Windows Installer Clean Up Installation Wizard

-     Click the Next button on the wizard screen

-     Accept the license agreement and click the Next button

-     Click the Next button at the begin install prompt

-     Click the Finish button to close and exit the installation screen

         Step 2:  Remove existing MSXML 6 file via Windows Cleanup Installer:


-     Click the Windows Start button and select the Windows Install Clean Up option under All Programs

-     At the Windows Installer Clean Up, select the MSXML 6.0 Parser program

-     Click the Remove button

-     Click the Ok button on the warning prompt and item will be removed

-     Click the Exit button on the Cleanup screen


         Step 3:  Manually Restart the Pro Gold i2 Installation Process:


-     Click Windows Start button Click Run and enter cmd to access the system Command Prompt

-     Enter cd\

-     Enter cd pro gold i2

-     Enter cd progoldinstall

-     Enter installprogold /admin


         Step 4:  Manually Restart the SQL Installation:


-     Right click the phone number at the Pro Gold i2 Already Installed screen

-     Password screen will open

-     Enter taro plus drive letter of the install to access the Installation Menu (e.g., taroc, tarod, etc…)

-     Left click the mini Install menu

-     Left click the SQL Server option

-     Click the Next button

-     Will restart the SQL installation process (May take up to 30 min to re-install the various SQL components)

-     One of the installation components re-installs the MSXML 6.0 file

-     Let it finish=> Click OK to the Install Complete prompt

-     Close the Pro Gold i2 Already Installed screen


         Step 5:  Launch Pro Gold i2:


-     Select the Pro Gold i2 icon on the desktop


References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


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