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Article ID:                  4261

Subject:                    How to Link Pro Gold i2 3.xx with an Existing SQL Database


Last Modified:         July 28, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose:    The Pro Gold i2 program consists of two parts; the program itself and the database that stores the data. An installation of the Pro Gold i2 program needs to link to an existing Pro Gold i2 database in order to function.  Once the database is placed on the computer/server that will house it, the Pro Gold i2 program needs to link to the database.  If the database location is moved or altered, then Pro Gold i2 will need to be relinked to the database.


Procedure:  The steps to link to an existing SQL database are listed below:


      Step 1:  Verify Pro Gold i2 Access to Taro Systems, Inc. server


§     Pro Gold i2 requires access to Taro Systems, Inc. server in order to operate correctly and perform updates

§     In some cases, the ports required to access Taro Systems, Inc. server are blocked by a router or firewall

§     Ensure that the following ports are not being blocked (this may require the help of your computer tech):


o    Outbound TCP port 21 (used for FTP Communication)

o    Outbound TCP port 5500-6500 (used for FTP Data Transfer)

o    Outbound TCP port 1433 (used for SQL Server Communication)


   Step 2:  Verify Server Name / IP field:



§     The server name must be the computer name or IP address of the PC hosting the Pro Gold SQL database:


o   For example:  StationOne or


§     Hosting PC Must have a static IP Address to use IP method


§     Must use the actual computer name if a static IP address is not available


§     The data file path syntax must also include a reference to the SQL Instance (Copy of SQL that is running):


o   SQL Server 2000 uses an SQL instance named:  progold

o   SQL Server 2005 Express Edition uses an instance named:  SQLexpress


§     Must use a back slash (i.e., \) vice a forward slash (i.e., /) in the path name


§     If Windows firewall is enabled on hosting PC, SQL Server must be set as an exception in the firewall:


o   Verify SQL port on host PC:

          Use link:

          Select Run/Open option

          Select Run at security prompt

          Locate 4 digit port # in SQL Ports field (e.g., 1567)


o   Set SQL Server as an exception in the Windows Firewall:

          Use link below to access article on How to enable SQL Server connectivity on Windows XP


§     A typical data path to a firewall enabled PC would look like:   StationOne\progold,1567

    Step 3:  Verify Database Name:


§     Database names are established by Taro Systems when system is first installed

§    The format is ProGoldSQL_xxxxxx

§    If other PC’s are already linked to Pro Gold i2, you can verify the login information from them (See Step 4)


    Step 4:  Use Existing Workstation to Verify Link Information:


§     Go to other PC that has pro Gold i2 on it

§     Login to Pro Gold i2

§     At the Main Menu, select the Settings and Utilities option

§     Select the Link to Another Database icon

§     Select Yes to the "Are you sure wish to change Active Companies" prompt

§     The Database Activation screen will display

§     Screen print the information to your printer


    Step 5:  Link to the SQL database:


§     Open Pro Gold i2

§     At the Database Activation screen

§     Enter the Server Name/IP info and Database Name:


o   Server Name / IP: StationName\progold,????

o   Database Name:   ProGoldSQL_xxxxxx


§     Leave UserID or Password fields as is

§     Check box:  I do not have a registration code and need to manually connect to an existing database

§     Click the Connect button

§     Login to Pro Gold i2


    Step 6:  Additional Help to link to an SQL Database


§     The steps to verify and link a database are somewhat technical in nature and should be completed by an intermediately knowledgeable SQL database technician


§     Taro Systems can perform this function on a fee basis (i.e., Paid Service) as a Level 3 incident via phone support with a live technician


References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold XP Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


Keywords:  Connect, Database, Install, Link, Relink, 3.xx, 4062

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