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Article ID: 4260

Subject: How to Identify and Reassign the Crest Results PC

Last Modified: November 22, 2013


Applies to: Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose: The Single Entry reporting process is dependent on information being collected and reported in a timely manner and does not require a physical login to the CrestEDG system to report it. Data must be entered into Pro Gold i2, validated and then transmitted to CrestEDG. Once validated, the data is transmitted via a batch process. Each batch submission is tracked and the results of the individual transactions submitted are reported back to the local environment to a computer that has been assigned the function of capturing all results for batches that have been submitted. This designated PC is a critical component of the reporting process. It must be a PC that is on 24 hours day in order to be available to capture any results information that is transmitted. The Crest Results PC is initially assigned by the blackout implementation team as the last phase of the blackout to ensure accurate results reporting. Changes made to the PC assigned this function can have serious consequences. If you change the name of the PC, turn it off, or lose your internet connection, it can result in no batch results being captured locally. There are times when the PC performing this service must be modified or a new PC needs to be assigned to perform the service. The process to reassign the service must be followed precisely and the steps performed in order to ensure the service gets re-assigned properly.


Procedure: The steps to identify and reassign the Crest Results PC are explained below:


         Step 1: Do the following to identify which PC in your office is assigned this function:


-     Login to Pro Gold i2

-     Go to Main Menu => Settings and Utilities

-     Select the Company Defaults icon

-     Select the Misc Tab

-     Verify the Crest Results Computer field in the Other Settings quadrant

-     The field should have just the name of one of your computers in it => WEBSERVER (as an example)


         Step 2: You will need to do the following to reassign the service to a new PC:


-     Note: The PC assigned this function must be on 24 hours a day

-     Login to Pro Gold i2

-     Go to Main Menu => Settings and Utilities

-     Select the Company Defaults icon

-     Select the Misc Tab

-     Verify the Crest Results Computer field in the Other Settings quadrant

-     Enter(replace) the computer name of the new PC that is to perform the service (e.g., NEWSERVER)

-     Select the Test Connections button to verify the connection to the new PC

-     Select the Save and Done buttons

-     Perform a new submission: Note: Recent submissions (i.e., Those within the last 48 hours) should update; ignore any older submissions

-     Check for/monitor results on the recent submissions as well as the new one


         If necessary, we can provide this service through a level 3 appointment on a fee basis.


-     Use the link provided to access the authorization form if you want TARO Systems to perform this task:

Additional Information:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:


          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


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