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Article ID:                  4256

Subject:                    How to View Unpaid Bills in Pro Gold

Last Modified:         February 10, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx, 2.xx


Summary:  The Payables Tab in Pro Gold i2 is used to enter and pay vendor bills. There are two ways to view bills that have been entered into Pro Gold, but not yet paid. There is also a report that will show the unpaid bills as well.


Procedure:  The options to view unpaid bills in Pro Gold are explained below.


Step 1: Log into Pro Gold.

Step 2: Select the Payables Tab and use one of the options below to access unpaid bill information.

a. Pay Multiple Vendors: this option allows you to see and pay multiple bills for multiple suppliers.

i.        Select the “Pay Multiple Vendors” icon from the menu.

ii.      All unpaid bills will be listed on the screen.

iii.    Use the options at the top to sort by due date or supplier.

iv.     The “Bill” button to the right of a bill will show more details on that particular bill.

b. Accounts Payable: this option allows you to see and pay multiple bills for one supplier.

i.        Select the “Accounts Payable” icon from the menu.

ii.      Use the options at the top of the screen to select how to search for a particular vendor.

iii.    Then, use the dropdown at the top of the screen to select a particular vendor.

iv.     The unpaid bills for that vendor will show in the middle of the screen.

c. Bills Unpaid Details Report: this option gives a printout of bills due for vendors.

i.        Select the “Vendor Reports” icon from the menu.

ii.      Click on the “Bills Unpaid Details by Vendor” report to highlight it.

iii.    Use the dropdown at the bottom of the screen to select a particular vendor or select “All” to show unpaid bills for all vendors.

iv.     Click the “Preview” button to preview the report.



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