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Article ID:                  4213

Subject:                    Processing Accounts Receivable (A/R) Credit Card Payments (This requires the “Top Google Ranking Optional Module Subscription)


Last Modified:         April 14, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 2.xx, 3.xx


Purpose:  A Credit Card can be used to apply a payment to an agent/customer’s account. Pro Gold i2 is currently setup to use to accept credit card transactions.  You must have a merchant account with to process credit card payments through this method.  Only one bank account is supported in Pro Gold i2 for the credit card deposit entries.  Ideally, you would not want to use your real operating account for the billing.  If you did and someone disputes a credit card billing, can electronically adjust your account immediately which could have balance consequences inside an operating account.  Highly recommend establishing a holding bank account that you disburse all your credit card billings through.  It isolates the credit card transactions to a particular account with the flexibility to transfer money to/from the other bank accounts as needed.  This way you only need one merchant account with 


Procedure:  The steps to setup credit card information and apply the credit card payment to an A/R invoice are listed below


          Step 1  Set the default bank account to receive credit card deposits


-          In the Setup Tab, select Change Company Info icon

-          Select the correct bank account in the Bank Account for Credit Card Deposit drop-down

-          Click Save and Done buttons


          Step 2  Set Type of Payment options


-          In the Setup Tab, select Change Company Info icon

-          Select the Default 1 Tab

-          View the current options in the Type of Payment area by scrolling through the list

-          Add new credit card types by scrolling to the bottom of the list and entering in the credit card type in the blank line provided

          A new blank line will appear after you use the last line

          Enter as many types as needed

          Check the box next to any credit card items

-          Click Save and Done buttons


          Step 3  Enter the Credit Card Information


-          In the Receivables Tab, select the Work with Customer icon

-          Use the Quick Find dropdown at the top to select a particular customer to enter credit card information on

-          Select the Terms and Balances button

-          Select an option from the Payment Terms drop-down

-          Enter the Credit Card information in the provided fields (Make sure to fill out all the “C.C.” fields)

-          Select Verify Credit Card button to ensure the credit card information is valid

          Note: When the Payment Terms is changed on a customer, Pro Gold i2 will ask, “Do you wish to change the Payment Terms for all customers?”

          Answer “No”

          If “Yes” is selected, Pro Gold i2 will change all of the customers to the same payment type

-          Select Done button


Article ID:                  4213

Subject:                    Processing Accounts Receivable Credit Card Payments


          Step 4  Create the Export File


-          Make sure all invoices to be paid by credit card have a credit card selected as the payment type and the customers’ credit card information is saved in Pro Gold i2

-          In the Receivables Tab, select the Invoices icon

-          Select Print button

-          Under the print options

          Select “Export to

°          Note: The location of the export file will be shown in the middle of the screen (Make note of the location)

          Select Print Date Range for the Print Choices

°          Select the date range of the invoices to be included in the export file

°          Pay Terms should be set to All

°          Select Credit Card for the Pay Type

-          Click Print button

-          When the export file is created, a Credit Card Billing Results-Uncharged report will appear

          This report shows which clients will not be submitted in the export file due to missing or incorrect information. Close the report to continue

          Example: Credit Card is expired or missing credit card information

-          Click the Review Export File button to review the export,

          This report shows which customers will be charged in the export

          Invoice Number, Amount, Customer and Basic Credit Card information is included


          Step 5  Upload the Export File to and download the results


-          Open an Internet browser and go to

-          Select Merchant Login and log into

-          Under the Tools menu, click on Upload Transactions

-          Select Upload New Transaction file

-          Browse for the location of the export file and click Upload

-          On the Upload Transaction Files page, select View Status of Uploaded Transaction Files

-          Verify the correct file/date appears and click Submit button

-          The Uploaded Transactions page will appear with the results of the submission

          Transactions that were not accepted show “Declined” in the status field

          Transactions that were accepted show “Captured/Pending Statement” (This is a temporary authorization that payment was accepted)

-          Click the Download to File button located in the right middle of the screen

-          Select the “Standard” download type and click Submit button

Save the file and make note of the location and name of the saved file

          When the file is saved, it is automatically named and includes the date of the download in the filename to ensure the correct file is selected to import into Pro Gold i2

-          Close


          Step 6  Import the Credit file into Pro Gold i2


-          Login to Pro Gold i2

-          Go to Receivables Tab and  select the Receive Payments icon

-          Click the Import Credit button

-          Browse to the location of the saved file from

          Note: Look for the download date in the name of the file to ensure the correct file is selected

-          Click the Open button

-          A report appears to show the results of the imported credit

-          Print the report for record keeping

-          Note: When the approved credit information is imported into Pro Gold i2, the information is recorded as a payment on the invoice and a deposit is created in the bank account


References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page


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Keywords: A/R, Accounts Receivable, Agent Invoicing, Credit Card, Receive Invoice Payment, 4213

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