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Article ID:                  4172

Subject:                    Backing up and Restoring the Pro Gold i2 3.xx Database

Last Modified:         October 18, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Summary:  The database stores all information that is entered into Pro Gold i2. The ProGoldSQL_??????.mdf is a critical file containing all Pro Gold I2 user entered data and should be backed up regularly (e.g., Daily, Weekly, etc…).  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the database is backed up regularly. The backup location is dictated by the drives that are accessible from the PC that is hosting the SQL engine. The backup can be performed to any drive/folder that the host PC can access. The backup process cannot access a flash drive connected on the host PC directly.  Once backed up, the backup file can be moved anywhere (e.g., CD, Flash drive, etc…).  Maintaining a copy of critical files is essential to prevent the loss of irreplaceable data due to hard drive failure, file corruption, or catastrophic loss (i.e., fire, theft, disaster, etc...).


Procedure:  The steps to perform the backup are listed below.


•          Item 1:  Manually run a backup of the Pro Gold i2 database:


-          Log into Pro Gold

-          Go to Main Menu = Settings and Utilities => Backup Data File icon

-          Click on the Backup Data File icon

-          The Backup Location field shows the where the backup file is defaulted to be saved

•          The default Backup Location cannot be changed

•          Use the Change Location button to save the backup file to a different location

•          Note 1:  The backup function is occurring on the PC that is hosting the database

•          Note 2:  The Change Location can only access drives that are on that PC

•          Note 3:  The Change Location does not recognize Flash Drives

°          You will need to save the backup in a folder that is easy to access on the host PC

°          Once saved, copy it to the flash drive

•          Make sure you are enter a valid data path and filename for the backup to save to

-          Click Start Backup button to create the backup of the data file

-          A message will appear when the backup is complete

-          Click Ok button

-          Once created, the Backup file can be copied/moved to another location or Backup device

-          Note:  It is highly recommended that a copy be kept in a place other than on the computer where the original database is hosted (i.e., Saved on a CD, DVD, External Drive, Flash Drive or another PC)


•          Item 2:  Mandatory backup feature for Pro Gold i2 version 3.10.1001 or later:


-          Pro Gold i2 version 3.10.1001 incorporated a mandatory backup function

-          This automatic feature will launch if the system does not detect a backup within the last 7 calendar days

-          User can control the maximum number of backup copies the system retains via the Max Quick Backups setting to ensure adequate drive space is available for the backup file (Note: Default  setting is 7; For example, if Backup file is 4 Gig: 7 x 4 Gigs = 28 Gig of available disk space)

-          Access Max Quick Backups setting:  Main menu => Settings and Utilities menu => Company Defaults icon => Misc tab

-          The built in backup feature in Pro Gold only provides a backup copy of the database file and stores it on your host computer (This does not protect you from a hard drive or system failure)  

-          Note: You must transfer the completed backup file to a remote device (e.g., CD, Flash drive, etc…) so it can be stored off-site in the event you lose the hard drive on the PC that is hosting the SQL database

-          Contact your system administrator for best backup practices

Article ID:                  4172

Subject:                    Backing up and Restoring the Pro Gold i2 3.xx Database


•          Item 3:  Restore a backup of the Pro Gold i2 database:


-          The steps to restore a database are somewhat technical in nature and should be completed by an intermediately knowledgeable SQL database technician

-          Taro Systems can perform this function on a fee basis (i.e., Paid Service) as a Level 3 incident

-          The restore function requires the use of a tool to perform the restoration

-          Microsoft offers a free tool to help manage an SQL database

-          Please use the link provided below to access the Microsoft website for downloading =>  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition:


-          Please use the link provided below to access an article on how to restore a database with the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express tool:


-          Note:  Ideally, you want to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express on the PC/server that has the SQL engine loaded on it


Additional Information:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold User Guide, and Training Webcasts:



•          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


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