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Article ID:                  4161

Subject:                    Managing Media in Pro Gold i2 3.0 for SingleEntry

Last Modified:         November 17, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose:   In order for a property to appear on the brand websites,,, or, pictures must be submitted to CrestEDG. Most MLS feeds bring images into Pro Gold i2; however there are times that image information needs to be managed in Pro Gold i2.


Procedure:  Actions required to manage images in Pro Gold i2.


          Step 1:  Manually Adding Images into Pro Gold i2

-     Main Menu, => Transactions

-     Click the Work with Properties icon

-     Select the property that needs images added

-     Click on the Images button in the right area of the screen

-     To add a new image, click on the Plus icon at the top of the screen

-     Enter in a Short Description and Caption. (Note: both fields are required.)

-     Browse to the location of the image and select it

          Photo Orientation determines how the photo will be displayed

          Change Sequence allows the order of the pictures to be altered. Pictures will automatically be displayed in the order they are added

-     Click the Save icon at the top of the screen to save the image

-     To add another photo, click on the Plus icon and follow the rest of the steps

-     When the last image is added, click Save and close out of the screen

-     Note: Link to Virtual Tours can also be added in the Images area. For more information on adding a Virtual Tour link in Pro Gold i2, see Knowledge Base Article 4219


          Step 2:  Re-sequencing Photos:

-     Only the first 8 images listed in Pro Gold i2 will be sent to Crest EDG

-     To alter which images will be sent to Crest EDG, the sequence of the images must be altered

-     Select an image, by clicking on the image picture at the bottom of the screen

-     In the Change Sequence field, select the position that the selected image should appear in

-     Click the Save icon at the top of the screen to save the changes



          Step 3:  Deleting Photos:


-     Go to property

-     Click the Images button on right

-     Select the photo you want to delete (click on the image at the bottom of the media screen)

-     Click the Red X near the Save Data icon at the top of the Media screen

-     Select Yes to the “Do you wish to delete this picture prompt”

-     Wait for photo to disappear

-     Click the Red X in upper right corner of the media screen to close and exit the Media screen


          Step 4:  Image Business Rule Violations:

-     Image records must have a Short Description and Caption filled out

-     To ensure that the new information is sent to CrestEDG on the next submission, click the Save button on the property and satisfy any business rule violations that appear

-     Note: Submission reports need to be monitored for errors:  Photos will not be submit if:

-     (1)  The property that it relates to has any business rule violations on the Transaction Batch

-     (2)  Image records have any business rule violations on the Media Batch


          Step 5:  Photo Submission to Crest:

-     Photos do not transmit to Crest until the property record they relate to successfully transmits to Crest

-     Note 1:  All Crest submission business rule violations must be corrected on the property record (i.e. Transactions Batch) before photos can start transmitting

-     Once a property successfully submits to Crest, photos will automatically begin transmitting to Crest

-     Note 2:  All Crest business rule violations must be corrected on the image records (i.e., Media Batch) before photos can be accepted

-     No photos in property record on Crest:  If the property has successfully transmitted to Crest and there are no media submission errors, contact the Crest Help Desk


          Photos by Property Report: The report shows a list of properties with or without images

-     In the Property Reports option of the Properties Menu, select the Photos by Property Report

-     Select the Criteria to show properties With or Without Images

-     Print or Preview the report to see the number of images per property or properties without images


References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.  


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Keywords:  Crest Submission, Delete Images, Media, Pictures, Photos, Single Entry, Transactions, 4161

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