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Article ID: 4159

Subject: Enhancement HelpNet Center Website

Last Modified: January 18, 2013


Applies to: Pro Gold i2 3.0


Issue: Pro Gold i2 Enhancement Center includes a variety of resources to enhance your knowledge of the Pro Gold i2 software system.


Resolution: Below is the link to the Enhancement HelpNet Center. It can also be accessed through the HELP button located on the right side of any Pro Gold main menu. The Enhancement HelpNet tools are explained below:

          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.

          Online Training Schedule and Registration

-          The training schedule for the current month can be viewed from the main page of the Enhancement HelpNet Center. The schedule for the next month is available through a link on the right side of the page.

-          To register for a topic, select the session and a registration page will appear. Enter in the required information, making sure that the correct email address is entered. Once you register for a training topic, you will receive the instructions for joining the Webcast training by email.

-          The training schedule runs 3 times per month and you may sign up for as many classes as needed or repeat classes already taken.

          Pro Gold i2 Training Video Clips

-          The pre-recorded video clips each cover a particular topic of Pro Gold. The videos can be viewed as many times as necessary and are especially helpful for employees new to Pro Gold or to explore new topics in the system.

          Training Outline

-          The Training Outline shows the different topics and what is covered during each topic.

-          There are also page numbers that show where more information on the topic can be found in the Pro Gold i2 Documentation.

          Pro Gold i2 Documentation

-          The Pro Gold i2 Documentation link brings up the most current Pro Gold i2 user manual for viewing online or printing.

          Knowledgebase Article List

-          Knowledgebase articles are explanations of specific topics or questions relating to Pro Gold i2. The list shows all of the published articles and is updated frequently with new articles.

-          The Google search field allows keywords to be entered and will show the articles that contain the keywords.

          HelpNet Snipits

-          The HelpNet Snipits highlight tidbits of information on Pro Gold enhancements and features. They are updated monthly and posted on the Enhancement HelpNet Center website.

          Open a Support Incident

-          A support ticket can be opened directly from the Enhancement HelpNet Center website. Click on the link and fill out the contact information and enter a detailed message on your question. The information will go directly to our support staff for resolution.


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