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Article ID:                  4144

Subject:                    Voiding a Commission Check

Last Modified:         September 4, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 2.0, 3.0


Issue:   Commission checks are processed via the property record in Pro Gold i2.  The commission check transaction is initiated/generated from the property record and assigned the bank account in Pro Gold that was assigned to the agent.  The bank account becomes the custodian of the check meaning it does not have complete authority over it.  Since the commission process initiated from the property, the property has certain control over the check while it is in the bank.  The main impact is the VOID process.   Typically, a commission check is voided via the Undo Closing button in the Commission Tree Tab of the property record.  The Undo Closing process voids “all checks” generated from a particular property and reverses all other commission related events to enable a client to start over.  A “single check” can be voided without using the Undo Closing process. 


Resolution:  Actions required to void a commission check:


          Undo Closing: Voids “all” checks created by the commission process for that property (Agent, Deduction)

-          Backs all non-check deductions out of the G/L

-          Removes all payments made to agent invoices

-          Deletes all entries in the Commission Tree Tab

-          Deletes all entries in the 1099 Tab

-          Returns the property back to Pending Status

-          Generates an Undo Closing Results report documenting actions accomplished

-          Note:  Can delete checks once voided by the Undo Closing button if checks were not actually printed and you want to reprocess the commission with the same check #’s

          Go to Commission Tree Tab of the property that generated the check(s)

          Select Undo Closing button

          Select Yes to prompt

          Select Ok to finished undoing property prompt

          Automatically opens the Undo Closing Report preview screen

          Can view/print and close


          Single Check:  Voids only the check chosen:

-          Go to the check in the bank

-          Use the Duplicate button to make a copy of the check with a new check #

-          Return to the original check and Delete it (If Posted, must Unpost in order to delete)

-          Go back to new check just created

-          Change the new check # to the check # just deleted and verify the data is the same as the original check (may have to modify the date to be the same as the original check)

-          Void the check

ü       Note1:  Voiding a non zero $ agent commission check in this manner means that you must return to the closed property, unlock it, manually adjust the Agent Gross and 1099 amounts for the changes made directly to the check in the bank and then Save your changes which will relock the property

ü       Note 2:  Voiding a zero $ commission check in this manner does not require an update to the property record

ü       Note 3If you desire to reuse the check # of a zero $ commission check:

          Do not void the check

          Delete the check and the number is now available for reuse

References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



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Keywords:  Commission Check, Void, Recut, Undo, Process, 4144

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