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Article ID:                  4137

Subject:                    Import Leads to Pro Gold i2 via Top Google Ranking Module Import Wizard

Last Modified:         September 9, 2013


Applies to:                Top Gggole Ranking Module (powered by,

                                 Pro Gold i2 2.0, Pro Gold i2 3.0


Issue:   The Contact Import Wizard allows multiple contacts to be brought into ProGold i2 from an outside file.  For the contacts to be imported, they must be saved in a CSV (Comma Separated Value), Tab or Bar format, typically done through the export function of the outside program.  A user with VML Admin privileges can import contacts as a Company (CSC) type which will reverse synchronize back into the Pro Gold i2 database.  Agent assignment is based on the Agent Connector account the contacts are imported under.  Lead assignment can be accomplished as you import by exporting contact files in existing system (e.g., spreadsheet) by individual agent and importing that file using that particular agent’s account or export all leads in one file import, use one Agent account and re-assign once the contacts are in ProGold i2.  The preferred option is to export your files by individual agent.


Resolution:   The following steps describe importing company leads by individual agent.  Highly recommend use of field names in the first row of the export file to facilitate mapping the import fields.


          Export files by “agent” in your existing system (Facilitates agent assignment)

          Use a Comma Separated Value (CSV), Tab or Bar format

          Go to Agent record in Pro Gold i2 check the VML Admin box in the Information section on the General Tab

          Click Done and go to the Setup Tab and open the Icon

          Select the “Synchronize Now” button (Assigns VML Admin status to the agent’s account)

          Return to agent’s record and select the VML Logon button to login to the agent’s account

          Go to Contacts Tab and select the Contact Import Wizard Icon

o        Page 11 in the VML manual contains the detailed import instructions

o        Note: Be sure to select “Company” in the Personal/Company Type field

          Once the import is finished, re-synchronize from ProGold i2

          Go to Contacts (Prospects) Tab in Pro Gold

          Open Contact Manager Professional (Work With Prospects) Icon to search for a lead to confirm (can run Contacts/Prospects by Agent report under Reports to verify total import success)

          Return to agent record and remove the check from the VML Admin box in the VML Tab

          You will need to repeat this step for each agent


References:   Page 11 in 2013 User Training Guide


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