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Article ID:                  4100

Subject:                    Training Video Troubleshooting

Last Modified:         January 15, 2013


Applies to:      


Issue:  An Online Tutorial will not play and/or no audio is coming for the user’s computer.


Cause:  In order to play the video with Windows Media Player, a specific codec, TSCC, must be installed on the computer where you view the videos.  Much like a zipped file, you must have some program to unzip the file before you can use it. If the codec is not present, then the video will not play. You will also need to have speakers hooked up to the computer to hear the video.


Resolution:  Follow the steps below to download and install the TSCC file. This only needs to be done once per computer.


•          Click on the following link to access the TSCC file.


•          When the prompt appears, click Run to install the file.

•          Another message may appear asking if you would like to run the software. Click Run.

•          When prompted, click Install.

•          A message will appear when the installation is complete. Click Ok.

•          The video portion of the tutorial should now display with the audio.

·         Note: If no audio is present, check to ensure speakers are hooked up to the computer and are turned on/enabled.


References:   Below is a link you can use to get a copy of the latest user guide:


•          Select the link

•          View and print the Guide. 


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Keywords: Video Tutorial, Windows Media Player, AVI, Audio, Trouble Playing Video, Troubleshooting, Online Tutorial, 4100

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