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Article ID:                  4096

Subject:                    Preparing for Pro Gold i2 SingleEntry

Last Modified:         May 29, 2008


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.0


SingleEntry is the process where information is entered into Pro Gold i2 and then Pro Gold i2 submits the data to Crest EDG. The conversion to SingleEntry does not happen immediately. First, Pro Gold i2 must be setup and the users comfortable with processing closings in Pro Gold i2. Then the Realogy team coordinates the conversion process, which includes a formal invitation to participate in the program and a series of conference calls. The coordination leads up to the blackout period in which the actual conversion to SingleEntry occurs.


In order to transition from entering information directly into Crest EDG to having Pro Gold i2 report the information to Crest EDG, a blackout of several days must occur. Several items need to be addressed in preparation of the Crest SingleEntry blackout.


I.        The Crest EDG Import is an integral part of setting up Pro Gold i2 and preparing for the SingleEntry conversion. It allows data to be brought into Pro Gold i2 from Crest EDG. The Crest EDG Import is done from one computer and takes place at least once a day until the SingleEntry blackout occurs. It is ideal to use the same Crest EDG login every time the import is performed to ensure consistency of imported data.


A.   Crest EDG will continue to be maintained and the Crest EDG Import must be run daily.


B.   It is highly recommended that several Pro Gold i2 defaults be setup prior to the first Crest EDG Import. For more information on the setup of these items, see Knowledge Base Article 4171.


C.   For instructions on running the Crest EDG Import, see Knowledge Base Article 4095.


II.      Entry will continue to be done for approximately 4-12 weeks in Crest EDG until the blackout. The time frame depends on the setup of Pro Gold i2 and how quickly the conference calls are scheduled. The information that is entered into Crest EDG will be imported into Pro Gold i2 through the Crest Import. Therefore, it is critical to continue running the Crest Import up until the blackout occurs.


III.    The conversion to SingleEntry and the scheduling of the blackout is controlled by the Realogy team. An invitation to participate in the SingleEntry program will be sent by Realogy and then they will schedule a series of conference calls. During this time, the blackout will be scheduled.


IV.    The blackout takes about 3-5 days to complete and Pro Gold i2 and Crest EDG will not be able to be used during that period. Any reports or other information that will be needed during that period will need to be run prior to the start of the blackout.


V.      During the blackout, Taro Systems, Inc. will need remote access to a computer that has access to Pro Gold i2 and the database. This computer will be controlled by Taro Systems, Inc. for blackout purposes and cannot be used by anyone else during the blackout period.


VI.    On the evening before the blackout begins, make any final updates to Crest EDG by 10:00pm EST.



VII.   On the morning of the blackout, a final Crest EDG Import must be performed by 9:00am EST.



VIII.              Once the blackout is complete, Taro Systems, Inc. will notify the office contact of the completion of the SingleEntry conversion and forward training materials on the SingleEntry process.

A. The Realogy SingleEntry training video can be access through the following link:



References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


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Keywords: Import, Export, Crest EDG, Single Entry, 4096

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