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----Warning do not update from "" --- (Why? This will download a limited functioning ProGold i2 version that will not have your information in the database. Reversing this procedure will require technical assistance from a Progold technician and is subject to a $65.00 prepaid fee. Please follow the easy instructions below.)


Article ID:                  4070a

Subject:                    Pro Gold i2 Version 3.09.1201 Software Updating with Enhancement Notes

Last Modified:         January 13, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose:  In order to use Pro Gold i2 effectively, it is highly recommended to keep Pro Gold i2 updated to the current version.


Procedure:  Follow  "step 1" or the "Alternate Method"  below to update Pro Gold i2. If you experience problems, make sure you have administrative rights to install applications on your compter.

•         Step 1:  Download and Install the most recent version of Pro Gold i2:


-     Be sure to update all of your workstations to this version (Especially the PC hosting the database)

-     Make sure all PC's are out of Pro Gold

-     Then go to each PC and do the following:

•   Right click on the Red Paper Clip Pro Gold Utilities icon located in the System Tray in the bottom right

    corner of the PC screen (If you do not have the Red Paper Clip visible,  maximize the tray or run "ProGold Utilities" from the Start menu - "All programs" .If you still cannot locate "ProGold Utilities" use the Alternate method listed below)

•   Select the Download Update option

•   Select Yes to the install update prompt

•   Wait for download/install to finish

•   A “Detected Applications Warning” screen may appear if there are any open applications that need to be closed

•   Close the applications listed and then click “Retry” to continue with the Pro Gold i2 update

•   The “Downloading Pro Gold i2” screen will appear to download and install the updates for Pro Gold i2 and Pro Gold Utilities

•   Pro Gold i2 will open when the update is finished

•   Login into Pro Gold i2 and verify the program version (3.09.xxxx)


•         Alternative Method 1:  Download and Install the most recent version of Pro Gold i2:

•   Select the "Settings and Utilities" menu, located on the left toolbar within ProGold i2.

•   Select the "Check for Updates" Icon to determine if a newer version is available.

•   Select the "Get Latest Version" Icon, if a new version is available. Follow the on-line instructions for additional help.

Product Development Summary Changes for Version 3.09.1201


Pro Gold i2/ Changes


  1. ProGold i2 Google Search option for Knowledgebase Articles on ProGold i2 Welcome Screen.
  2. 2013 W2's, 1099's and  2013 Tax Updates.
  3. Added More Property Search Filters on "Work with Properties" tab.
  4. Updated Escrow Account Ledger Report.
  5. Enhanced the HelpNet support center to provide online training videos, open/track support tickets and 1000's of knowledgebase articles.
  6. Added mismatched version checking with faster downloads on remaining workstations (insures all users on same version).
  7. Added Melbourne, FL MLS Interface,.Washington County, UT MLS Interface,MCAR Mountain Central MLS Interface
  8. Several Crest reporting compliancy changes were added for Coldwell Banker, ERA and Century 21 reporting customers.
  9. Updated Weichert Reporting Inferface.
  10. Updated the Agent Level Report and transaction cancel process.
  11. Updated MLS Interfaces to recover file transfers for connection failures.
  12. Updates were made to recalculate payroll deductions after making manual adjustments.
  13. Updated Pending Business Detail by Sale Date to allow the option to sort by address.
  14. Added totals to the New Listings Report.
  15. Renamed New Listing Report to Listings by List Date.
  16. Added COAR Central Oregon,Greater Union County Board of Realtors, NY MLS Interface.
  17. Added additional security to disable the unpost button in the check writer after a check is printed to prevent an accidental unpost.
  18. Added additional office security levels to Customer and Vendors.
  19. Update payroll and 1099 reporting for 2013 tax year.
  20. Added SWMARRETS Southwest Michigan Association of Realtors MLS RETS Interface.
  21. Added CCAR Centre County PA MLS Interface.
  22. 90% Improvements were made to Sync speed.
  23. Updated the contact notice email that is sent to an agents when a lead is assigned to them.
  24. Updated the check reconciliation process to prevent an invalid locked period.
  25. Added Closed Awards Report to the transaction report library.
  26. Added a Listings by Status report to the transaction report library.
  27. Added NAR Northwoods Association of Realtors MLS Interface.
  28. Upgraded server infrastructure to improve performance and increase security.
  29. Added MBOR Midland MI Board of Realtors MLS Interface.
  30. Updates to accounts payable bill payments.
  31. Updated the showing module.
  32. Updated General Journal Report for companies that require 3 levels accounting structure.
  33. Added Tift GA MLS Interface.
  34. Updated Pro Gold i2 to exit the banking module without have to setup a  default bank account.
  35. Update many Pro gold i2 dropdowns to sort alphabetically.
  36. Updated tab order on many Pro gold i2 forms.
  37. Added a Created By field when adding a new showing to track what user created the showing.
  38. Added MLS Interface to for Paragon MLS systems.
  39. Several Weichert franchise reporting changes were made.
  40. Added Office and Contact type filter to Marketing Activity Source of Call report.
  41. Updated the Contacts by Agent Report.
  42. Updated agent’s public home page.
  43. Added Request a Showing feature on through several pages on This will also create a contact records that is saved in the agent 9ae tools.
  44. Commission calculations updates.
  45. Updates to customer invoices search functions in Pro Gold i2.
  46. Added automatically database maintenance routines to maintain optimal performance.
  47. Added Pro Gold i2 installation to be web based downloads.
  48. Updated property checklist calendar functions.
  49. Updated print functions when printing company deductions.
  50. Updated batch post forms.
  51. Updated customer invoice finance charge functions.
  52. Added MRIS St Louis MS MLS Interface.
  53. Updated seller progress report in Pro Gold i2.
  54. Updated Rappatoni MLS Interfaces to RETS.
  55. Updated initial commission disbursements statements.
  56. Many new and updates were made to Knowledgebase articles.
  57. Introduced a new email to listing agent to provide valuable activity reports collected on their listing.
  58. Added real estate trends tracking for real estate time on market and average list price.
  59. Added a new seller progress activity report record when a property is ranked on 1st page of Google.
  60. Added a new service where a company can sponsor their entire market listings on  This service may have MLS restrictions.
  61. Added many Firefox/Mozella browser compatibility upgrades.
  62. Added a new agent widget to showcase the agents listings on their own personal web sites.
  63. Added to the sellers progress report a record of when a internet user opened their listing profile.
  64. Added homeowner self registration to
  65. Updated the agents personal profile edit form on
  66. Increase the page performance on several web so pages will load faster.
  67. Updates to listing showing surveys.
  68. Added Lease Properties to synchronize with
  69. Added live support chat to
  70. Expanded search engine submission (SEO) on all Property profile pages as well as city and zip code pages.
  71. Created a new agent personal profile pages to increase an agents public profile.
  72. Updated the sellers home pane on to reflect other homeowner comments in their local area
  73. Updates various reports to have Vista and Windows 7 compliancy.
  74. Updated the contact for more information form.
  75. Added a new school widget for agents and companies to display school data on their web sites.


References:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, Pro Gold i2 Documentation, and Training Webcasts:



•          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.


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