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Article                        4016

Description              Georgia MLS (GAMLS) Data Feed

Last Modified           September 27, 2006


To obtain raw data feed access through ftp please contact

Georgia MLS

Brian Chew


Georgia MLS Web Site



Pro Gold Initial Setup – this needs to be done only once.

1.      From the Setup tab select Download Live Update.

2.      Select Custom and enter GAMLS in the space provided and select continue.      

3.      You will be prompted to enter your FTP user name and password. This information is provided by Georgia MLS.  Enter in the URL field. 

4.      From the Setup tab select the Import/Export utility menu and click on Update Import Driver.

5.      From the Property menu select office setup and update your office(s) with your board name and identity ID.  

6.      From the Property menu select Agent Information and update your agents with their unique GAMLS board name and identity ID. Do this under the data import setting tab. You will need to update this information for active existing agent and new agents added to Pro Gold.   Listing agents will not be assigned to their listings until this step is completed.


Daily Importing Listings from GAMLS – This should be done daily

1.      From the Setup menu select Import/Export Utility menu.

2.      Select from “Select from Below” and click on Georgia MLS and click open.

3.      Click on the retrieve button.  This will download your listings to your computer. Enter your user name, password and URL if prompted.

4.      Import your listings into Pro Gold.  You have the option to import all coop agents.  Click on Import, you will be prompted when finished. Please allow approximately 15 minutes for this process to complete.

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