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Article                         4005

Description                 Sales Importer Not Installed

Last Modified            May 15, 2013


The sales database importer is not installed on this computer.


To Install


From  F:\deployment\CDs and Setups\SalesImporter.


Double click on dotnetfx.exe to install the .net framework.


Double click the “SalesImportSetup.msi” file.  This will install the importer on the target machine.


Prior to importing any data be sure to inspect the Excel file for the following information.


1.      The file is in *.xls format

2.      The first row contains a short description of what is in each column

a.       It may be necessary to add or modify the first row.

b.      Keep the description short.  E.g. Address One, Phone Number, Email

c.       Use only alpha/numeric charecters e.g. abc 123 _

d.      Do not use any special charecters e.g. “’:;[(=+

e.       Save the file when complete.




1.      Click browse and locate an Excel spread sheet file in Excel (*.xls) format.

2.      Choose filter options if any and click refresh.

3.      Map the fields in the spread sheet with the fields in the sales database.

4.      Select the Title for the Import

5.      Enter log entry notes.

6.      Click Save.



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