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Article ID:                  4003

Subject:                    How to Change Company Information or Re-License/Activate Database

Last Modified:         October 2, 2013


Applies to:                Pro Gold i2 3.xx


Purpose:  Specific Company information, such as the name, address and phone number is used by Taro Systems, Inc. to license your copy of Pro Gold i2. This information cannot be changed by the client, but must be changed by Taro Systems, Inc. and the database re-licensed before the changes will be available in Pro Gold i2.


Procedure:  Below are the steps to change the licensed company information for activating your Pro Gold i2 database.


 Step 1 - To change the company information:


       1.  Contact Taro Systems, Inc at or open a support incident from the Enhancement HelpNet Website and identify the information that needs to be changed:


Company Name:             ____________________________


Street:                             ____________________________


Suite:                              ____________________________


City:                                ____________________________


State:                              ____________________________


Zip:                                 ____________________________


Phone:                            ____________________________


Fax:                                ____________________________



Step 2 Activate License/Re-license Database once confirmation e-mail provided from Taro Systems, Inc:


1.       A Internet connection is required

2.       Start Pro Gold i2

3.       Select the Options button on the Pro Gold i2 login screen

4.       Select the License button

5.       At the Software Activation screen, select the I have read and understand the above warning! button

6.       Enter the Company Name and Phone number EXACTLY as provided in the confirmation e-mail or by a Pro Gold customer service representative (If you do not enter your company name and phone number exactly as Taro Systems, Inc has your information recorded your database will not activate

7.       Click the Clear License Key button

8.       Click the Activate button




Article ID:                  4003

Subject:                    How to Change Company Information or Re-License/Activate Database


9.       If you entered your information correctly you will be prompted to login to Pro Gold i2.  If the activation does not prompt you to login, verify that the Company Name and Phone number displayed on the Software Activation screen does exactly match Taro’s registration

10.    Once successfully activated, verify your Company Information by doing the following:

Ø       At Pro Gold i2 Main Menu, select the Settings and Utilities option

Ø       At Settings and Utilities menu, click the Company Defaults icon

Ø       Your company name and information will display

Ø       Contact customer service at 616-940-0007 for assistance

11.   Finally, optimize your database to ensure all agent records reflect your Company Name

Ø       At Pro Gold i2 Main Menu, select the menu

Ø       Click on the Synchronize icon

Ø       Click Synchronize Now button  (This process may take several minutes to process)


Additional Information:   Below is a link you can use to access Enhancement HelpNet Center resources, which includes the Knowledge Base Article (KBA) Library, and Training Webcasts:


          The Enhancement HelpNet links are located on the right side of the web page.



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