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Real Estate Technology Company Taro Systems Announces Major Upgrade; Real Estate Brokers Can Now Integrate their SEO Functions with Back Office Software

November 4th, 2011

Taro Systems– Leading real estate software provider Taro Systems, Inc. today announced a major upgrade, allowing real estate owners to have a one-stop-shopping solution with the addition of SEO services for their ProGold i2 and customers. Additionally, in defining One-Stop-Shopping, Taro Systems offers solutions that cover all areas of the real estate brokerage business from sales leads to bookkeeping and everything in between including our real estate agent software, ViewMyListing9ae.

Taro SEO

“To Date Taro has created high ranked Web pages for every home, land, rental and commercial properties for sale in our database — close to 12 million — on which we’ve also created top ranking pages for each real estate agent and homeowners with a account – over 200,000″ said Douglas Lee, Taro’s founder and CEO. “Real Estate Owners would literally have to have several software systems to perform the same tasks as ProGold i2, but at a much larger price tag for the same functions.”

In addition, any homeowner can now create their own top Google ranking web page to obtain national exposure and have buyers find their real estate for sale on the major search engines – mostly A homeowner can easily post their real estate for sale, themselves without exposing any personal information. then enables interested buyers to contact the owner through an email.

Today’s changes are consistent with Taro’s mission of providing cutting- edge tools and information to real estate owners so they can provide superior service to their agents, employees, sellers, buyers and even competing agent.

About Taro Systems, Inc.:
Taro Systems, Inc., headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over twenty nine years in operation, possesses the knowledge needed to develop unique and dynamic solutions to address industry-wide problems. The proof of Taro’s dedication can be found in the successes of Taro Systems’ clients – real estate companies of all sizes – including some of the largest in the industry. Taro Systems is technology aligned with relationships, providing outstanding customer service to the people that count – the customers!

“To date Taro has created high ranked web pages for every home, land, rental and commercial properties for sale in our database — close to 12 million.”

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7 Tips for a Successful SEO Release

June 29th, 2011

1. Find the keywords to use for the maximum benefit; for example you can try Google’s external keyword tool. Keyword: Cambridge homes

2. Create a catchy title that draws attention from others to want to read the article. Cambridge Real Estate

3. Use a 1-2 line summary that discusses what your article is about. For best results this should be short, brief and concise.

4. The body of the release should have a few hundred words, being very subjective and using more detail. This is where you stop trying to be salesman as it is not beneficial at this point.

5. Make sure you have a brief company biography to use when doing a regular release. You should use the same biography on each press release.

6. Always include contact information and website addresses for others to do more research on you and your sites/products.

7. Using a press release syndication service to spread your press release to a few different services is always beneficial. Just make sure they are high enough ranked so you obtain to SEO.

You can use press releases to move to the next level of public relations quicker.

A Career Will Give You Life Lessons worth Remembering

June 28th, 2011

Getting through the days of everything going on, the surroundings, daily stressors, etc. can be more than challenging. But for me, it helps to know I have a wonderful family who loves me no matter what! Yes we have our spats and disagreements. We would not be real people if we didn’t. But we care enough to fight and know we are worth fighting for. My other bonus in life is my job. I have my days I get stressed. But when it comes down to it all, I work in the best team. We have crazy days, loud days, but most of all we have great days. No one is afraid to do the grunt work. Even the owners will help you, give suggestions, positive and creative criticism.

I originally started at Taro Systems, Inc. as a customer service representative, making cold calls for sales, paperwork, scheduling, and little projects here and there. It was a job that was helping to pay the bills. Then things started to change and the company was evolving. More and more, I wondered if I would have a place here. Would I have what it takes to be a core employee and be able to stay? I have learned so many things while being here for the past 3 years. Little by little, my bosses would teach me new things– collection calls, creating proposals, following up on sales leads, scheduling trainings, creating our online appearances, building up Facebook, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Squidoo, Twitter and even more.

It has been learning curve after learning curve. Then I started to learn how to do coding in our real estate blogs. WOW – that is challenging! I thought for sure I was going to drive my boss nuts asking the same questions over and over because it would not stick in my head. But to my amazement again, I was given chances and helped out. As I got the hang of it, I began to learn even more.

We started our as USA Real Estate Homes for sale. Then we added our local classifieds to it. More recently; FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and then Public School Test Scores, being able to see the Value of your Home have been added. It is a great site, user friendly and has so much information. From viewing Winchester Homes for sale to Winchester Real Estate to Top SEO you no longer need to use multiple sites, download programs, or worry about the site security…

Written by:
Taro ~ Amy

5th Highest Paid City in America

June 15th, 2011

Boston, MA has a population of 617,594 according to the 2010 US Census and has a household income of $71,361 and a median income of $32,798. Boston is known for its academics, and has great Top School Scores. Six of their area universities brought in more than $500,000. Boston also specializes in the technology, finance and medical research industries.

Did you know two thirds of the state’s population lives in Greater Boston, which is the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in New England. The city has lead America by being first — including the first subway system in the U.S. and America’s first public school.

Want to live in the most populous of the six New England states? Boston Real Estate is where to start. Keep in the know of Boston Real Estate trends, and dont forget the importance of top Boston area Schools.

Boston Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts

4th Highest Paid City in America

June 14th, 2011

San Francisco, CA had an estimated population of 805,235 in 2010 and has a household income of $76,848 and a median income of $36,078. San Francisco is well known as the home of the internet. It has been said that 11 of the top 100 richest Americans live there as well. Not only that, but San Francisco has 1800 employees in the biochemistry and biophysics industry as well.

San Francisco is known to be the 4th most populous city in California. It is the only city-county in California. While known for its famous Golden Gate Bridge, this is a city that is not forgotten and should be visited by all.

Love it enough to visit, live there? Check out San Francisco Real Estate. See the San Francisco Real Estate Trends stand out against other popular cities and counties. Make sure to see the top San Francisco Schools and the scores that set them apart from the rest.

San Francisco California

San Francisco California

3rd Richest City in America

June 13th, 2011

San Jose, CA was last counted to have 958,789 people on January 1, 2011 and has a household income of $88,098 with a median income of $37,469. San Jose is the third largest city in California and has helped build the tech industry. It has also been named one of the nation’s most affluent cities and also the nation’s greediest city. While it is very beautiful, it is the headquarters of Adobe Systems, Cisco, and eBay.

Are you a techie, looking to get ahead in the industry? San Jose Real Estate is a great start. Knowing how to keep up with the San Jose Real Estate trends can prove challenging unless you know what you are doing and where to stay connected to. Schooling is important everywhere but you should see how the top San Jose schools stand out from other areas.

2nd Highest Paid City In America

June 10th, 2011

Stamford, CT with a household income of $84,545 and a median income of $36,650 has a population of 122,643. Stamford is the home of several Fortune 500 companies including but not limited to Time Warner Cable, World Wrestling Entertainment and Thomas Corporation. The police captain is reportedly the highest-earner in city government several years in a row.

Are you wanting in on the big company dollars? Check out Stamford Real Estate. With all the buying, selling and investing in Connecticut, make sure you know what the Stamford real estate trends are doing. As we wind up to another summer, make sure to check the Top Stamford School scores.

The State of Connecticut

The State of Connecticut

How to stay connected with us

May 16th, 2011

Research Your Own Home’s History

May 2nd, 2011

Want a fun research project for you and your family? Find the history of your home. Do you know when it was built? What if anything has happened there? Take this time to learn about your home and its history.

Things you can do
View Public Record pages online

Go to and click on Advanced search, type in your address and see what you can find. Sometimes you will see a Google map of your home, which is fun.

Contact your country assessor’s office for information as to when your house was built, who owned it before you, if there have been any changes and / or additions done on your home.
*If you can’t find the information online as far back as you would like, stop by the assessor’s office for history records.

If your home is older, or your neighborhood is older, you may find information in a local historical society. Check out county records, a local genealogical society or even the local historical society.

Finding history on your home can be as fun as making history in your home. Whether you make changes, inside or out; take pictures, make a collage, or a scrapbook. This will make fun stories for later generations.

Ready to purchase a home for your own family history, start HERE

ProGold i2 Real Estate Software Training Videos

April 29th, 2011

Pro Gold i2 Real Estate Software Training Videos are now on their own YouTube Channel

Did you miss a class, want to watch a video on a subject, can’t make it to the class, or can’t wait that long? Well wait no longer… You can see ProGold i2 Topic Training Videos whenever you want.

Have support questions? Visit our Enhancement HelpNet Center

Need to know when a class is available again? Training Schedule

HelpNet Snipits (SM)

Looking for Step by Step tech support instructions? Check out our KBA’s (Knowledge Based Articles) they are keyword searchable for ease of use.

Live Training Webcast – MLS Feeds – Setup & Utilities – ProGold i2 Real Estate Software

April 28th, 2011

ProGold i2 Real Estate Software presents:

MLS Feeds - Setup and Utilities

Description: Learn how to setup and maintain MLS data import feeds: Features mapping, photo quantity, automatic scheduling import during off hours and much more.

Date / Time: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 3:00pm EST

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Utilities & General Ledger Balances Topic 18/19 Live Real Estate Software Training with ProGold i2

April 27th, 2011

ProGold i2 Real Estate Software Live Training Webcast

Topic 18/19 (Utilities & GL Balances)

Description: Database utilities will cover the Backup / Compacting and Repairing procedures, Security, franchise reporting such as Crest EDG(SM), MLS Import, and sync. General Ledger Beginning Balances session covers Posting General Ledger Beginning Balances, Module Batch Posting, Printing Financials (Income Statement) and Printing Financials (Balance Sheet).

Date / Time: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 3:00pm EST

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