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Extreme Weather

November 8th, 2011

There are many scientists believe more intense storms will happen due to global warming. Many areas across the states are being hit with different levels of different storms. Some may believe things have become out of control, but how many years ago were we not all reading about it online vs. only reading our local classifieds?

The weather will continue to change. The coastal lines will continue to see the hurricanes and other seasonal storms. Inland states will see additional tornadoes, earthquakes and blizzards and other storms will happen. It is up to you as to how you handle this. 15 years ago, we were not seeing things in our local news about all the other states? Now you can go to any search engine that has weather, news, etc on it and see what is going on anywhere in the world. Add up all the locations and of course you are going to think the worst.

However, many areas may seem to have it bad as far as weather and storms go, but the real estate market continues and the housing population continues to grow. Choosing where you want to live, is easier due to the internet & finding a home in an area of interest becomes a very quick search on a website to find the optimal choice by your personality.

Recently Cambridge homes saw some significant snow but the Boston real estate didn’t stop. Perception is key to making it thru our extreme weather conditions and being resourceful is helpful and a bonus to striving in today’s times.

Top Schools Found on East Coast

October 19th, 2011

With school starting recently, there are many scores being calculated to see where the best schools are and the top schools. The best College rankings are always big news and our East Coast has 2 of them listed again.

Harvard University in Massachusetts, which is celebrating its 375th anniversary, gets great scores across the board as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With the popularity of these 2 schools, our Cambridge real estate listings seem to be more and more searched as well as Cambridge homes both changing the dynamics of the Cambridge real estate trends.

Where you choose to attend college depends on many factors, location, price and your degree of choice.

Massachusetts’s Many Famous Names

October 6th, 2011

Several big names on TV have roots in Massachusetts. Ben Affleck & Matt Damon grew up as childhood playmates in their family Cambridge homes. Still today, Cambridge real estate can be known as a luxurious place to live.

Others from TV include Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and Mark Wahlberg were all from Massachusetts as well.

Not only TV / movie stars come from Mass, but famous writers as well. Extraordinary literature has come from Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emily Dickenson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allan Poe are just a few of the famous writers. The author of more than 50 children’s books, Theodor Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss was also raised in the Bay State area.

The cute yellow smiley face created by Harvey Ross Ball was made as a button for morale boosting for a local insurance company in Massachusetts. Also the pink plastic flamingos found in yards were created here by Don Featherstone. More than 20 million flamingos have been sold.

Magic and inspiration have always been found by writers, photographers and artists in Massachusetts. This state has so much to give.

Ranking of National Universities

September 19th, 2011

Most recently more and more people are buzzing about the Top Schools around the U.S.A… Why not? School did just start again. When choosing schools some will go for stats and some will go for location.

A few of the top 10 post secondary schools are on the east coast. This includes Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While the public schools are not included in this list of top schools, Massachusetts top schools; you will find several highly ranked public schools in the country.

While schooling is important, it is always a good idea to check out the real estate surrounding the area. Cambridge real estate is very nice and can be found for a reasonable list price depending on what you are looking for. There are several Cambridge homes near the colleges that are just as popular for college goers as they are to families.

Top National Universities

September 15th, 2011

With school starting recently, school ranking is a hot topic in the news; whether it’s you, a friend or loved one attending school. There are two main factors people look at; stats of the school and location.

Harvard University hits the number one spot on the list of top National Universities, closely followed in the number five slot is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. University rankings are always popular and so are public school rankings. Massachusetts has some of the best scores in the country in both areas of education.

Real Estate surrounding schools is very important to monitor; especially if you are looking to move to a better school or district of schools. Cambridge real estate is beautiful and popular not only for public schools but because of its colleges. There are many Cambridge homes that are sought out each year so people can be near the coast, Boston and be in great schools. Not only is the market popular for those attending college but for families as well.

Real Estate and Social Media

August 26th, 2011

Many realtors, sale managers, buyers and sellers of real estate think that social media is the best way to advertise. It has been proven many times, that is not so. While it appears pretty, or eye catching; the reality is that Google will only see this one time if it has the right SEO keywords.

Real Estate agents need to use CRM software and technology to bridge marketing and seller communication. This is not done with regular social media. But if you are using the right software platforms, you can and will obtain top ranking on Google.

Good SEO comes from experience. You need a company that knows the difference between advertising Cambridge homes vs. Cambridge real estate.

CRM can go hand in hand with good SEO. But relying on social media can only hurt you in the long run. Social Media is designed to be blurps about information that is more interesting to you than catchy to the people who see it. You will end up liking your own content more than other viewers. This is simply playing with media, not really advertising.

If you are looking for a CRM software and/or top SEO & Google ranking stick with a company that has experience, references and a long standing history of keeping real estate companies in business while spending less.

Cambridge, MA is Unique in Many Ways

August 3rd, 2011

Massachusetts is in the northeast U.S. and is called New England. The East side of the state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean houses the “Right Whales”. Right Whales are now endangered to a degree, therefore forcing laws to be into place for no more killings. The Right Whale is the Massachusetts state marine mammal. They weigh about the same as 25 elephants and are longer than a school bus.

Massachusetts people are called Bay Staters. Those who live near the Massachusetts Bay, know the area as Mass Bay. It is one of the largest areas of the Atlantic Ocean that forms the unique shape of the U.S. coastline.

In 2000 over 6 million people lived in MA. It’s the 13th largest state by population. Cambridge homes are a small but beautiful portion of the state.

Nearly 1 out of every 4 people claim Irish roots in MA.

Cambridge had many 1sts:1st library in the colonies was founded in 1638 at the Harvard College and is now the largest university library in the world. Harvard U was founded in 1636 and was the first college in the U.S.

Cambridge MA – Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web in 1989; teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. The first computer ‘bug’ was a moth that flew into a Mark 1; which was an early computer at Harvard University, in the 1940’s.

So are you ready to start looking at the Cambridge real estate?

7 Tips for a Successful SEO Release

June 29th, 2011

1. Find the keywords to use for the maximum benefit; for example you can try Google’s external keyword tool. Keyword: Cambridge homes

2. Create a catchy title that draws attention from others to want to read the article. Cambridge Real Estate

3. Use a 1-2 line summary that discusses what your article is about. For best results this should be short, brief and concise.

4. The body of the release should have a few hundred words, being very subjective and using more detail. This is where you stop trying to be salesman as it is not beneficial at this point.

5. Make sure you have a brief company biography to use when doing a regular release. You should use the same biography on each press release.

6. Always include contact information and website addresses for others to do more research on you and your sites/products.

7. Using a press release syndication service to spread your press release to a few different services is always beneficial. Just make sure they are high enough ranked so you obtain to SEO.

You can use press releases to move to the next level of public relations quicker.