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Happy Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2011

This time of year brings out the best & worst in many. The important thing is to remember you have friends & family and you are here to enjoy them. Don’t get caught up in the negatives.

Many people use only this time to really think of what they are thankful for, when in reality you should always be thankful for what you have. Don’t waste time on wishing for more when you will miss the opportunity to enjoy what you have.

Here at Taro Systems, Inc. we have much to be thankful for. Our family, our company, our awesome clients, our new building, the changes happening to it, the expansions we have in our future and all our new & old amazing friends. Thank you!

This year we have been blessed with many new clients, real estate brokers and real estate agents as well. Our software for real estate brokers, has evolved a ton this year and with the new real estate homes for sale being posted more and more daily it just gets better and better & reminds us to humble ourselves and give thanks.

ProGold i2 real estate software is a front & back office software solution for brokers & offices to maintain all information in one hub and allows for quick & efficient information at a reasonable price. is one stop shopping for real estate homes for sale, local classifieds, a place for sellers to obtain top Google ranking for quicker sales, and links to local public school test scores & home values. is the place to go to obtain the your Home Values as easy as 1-2-3. will bring the customers to you vs. the competition by bringing your website top on search engines.

None of this would have been possible without the support from our friends & family including our clients & customers. Thank you all & have a very safe & Happy Thanksgiving.


November 11th, 2011

Today is November 11, 2011; is there something special about it? Maybe to some people due to birthdays, anniversaries, buying a new home for sale, or getting married but this year (2011) there are many special things about today.

Today is special to many for Veteran’s Day celebrations & announcements, Nigel Tufnel Day, and for those who love corduroys…

Celebrations around the USA will happen today, many stores will give extra discounts for this day to show appreciation for those who have, are and will serve. Some restaurants will thank the service men and woman with a free meal or appetizer, people find many ways to give thanks for a Happy Veteran’s Day.

Spinal Tap Fans started a movement to make 11/11/11 Nigel Tufnel Day. People are blasting music in honor of the music.

The National Corduroy Day is also celebrated today as the straight lines in the date are the closest date you will get to looking like corduroy. For those who are partial to the material they will wear it, buy it, etc.

Making your own history today can be easy. Pick something you want to remember forever and make it happen today. Wakefield homes have been a very popular search today being on the east coast makes for beautiful weather, colors and plenty to do. Wakefield real estate is not only beautiful & popular but is a big hit in Massachusetts real estate trends.

Real Estate Technology Company Taro Systems Announces Major Upgrade; Real Estate Brokers Can Now Integrate their SEO Functions with Back Office Software

November 4th, 2011

Taro Systems– Leading real estate software provider Taro Systems, Inc. today announced a major upgrade, allowing real estate owners to have a one-stop-shopping solution with the addition of SEO services for their ProGold i2 and customers. Additionally, in defining One-Stop-Shopping, Taro Systems offers solutions that cover all areas of the real estate brokerage business from sales leads to bookkeeping and everything in between including our real estate agent software, ViewMyListing9ae.

Taro SEO

“To Date Taro has created high ranked Web pages for every home, land, rental and commercial properties for sale in our database — close to 12 million — on which we’ve also created top ranking pages for each real estate agent and homeowners with a account – over 200,000″ said Douglas Lee, Taro’s founder and CEO. “Real Estate Owners would literally have to have several software systems to perform the same tasks as ProGold i2, but at a much larger price tag for the same functions.”

In addition, any homeowner can now create their own top Google ranking web page to obtain national exposure and have buyers find their real estate for sale on the major search engines – mostly A homeowner can easily post their real estate for sale, themselves without exposing any personal information. then enables interested buyers to contact the owner through an email.

Today’s changes are consistent with Taro’s mission of providing cutting- edge tools and information to real estate owners so they can provide superior service to their agents, employees, sellers, buyers and even competing agent.

About Taro Systems, Inc.:
Taro Systems, Inc., headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over twenty nine years in operation, possesses the knowledge needed to develop unique and dynamic solutions to address industry-wide problems. The proof of Taro’s dedication can be found in the successes of Taro Systems’ clients – real estate companies of all sizes – including some of the largest in the industry. Taro Systems is technology aligned with relationships, providing outstanding customer service to the people that count – the customers!

“To date Taro has created high ranked web pages for every home, land, rental and commercial properties for sale in our database — close to 12 million.”

PRWeb original publishing

The Dreaded Winter

October 26th, 2011

Across the USA you will find winter warnings, freeze warnings and various storm warnings. Planning for this has been in the works for many, while others put it off as long as possible.

Colorado & Utah weather is quickly changing having several alerts in place with the first winter snow, and even allowing for some travel plan changes without being penalized by the air line companies as some cities could get as much as 8 inches of snow in the next 48 hours. One thing to always remember to look for is the warnings of road closings, top schools closing.

As you watch the changes going east you will find warmer weather, some rain and maybe even some flooding. While looking in Massachusetts, you can’t help but be amazed at the fall colors on the trees, the nice green grass and wonder how much longer before you will find such places like Dover homes covered in a white blanket.

Many people use this time of year to do more and more online shopping. Local searching can include, holiday shopping, car shopping, local classifieds all the way across to real estate for sale.

With the many weather warnings happening and winter fast approaching if you pick a few locations to shop online homes for sale you could as far North this week and find 3-6 inches around New York, and the western mountains in Massachusetts. These random placed storms will affect many regions; while we can all still go shopping for Dover real estate and local classifieds wherever else we might be located across the USA.

Everyone please take note that you if you are anywhere it may snow, you should always have your scarper, a pair of boots, gloves, extra pants, a warm coat and a blanket in your car, and always a first aid kit as well.

Happy pre-winter to all…

Top Schools Found on East Coast

October 19th, 2011

With school starting recently, there are many scores being calculated to see where the best schools are and the top schools. The best College rankings are always big news and our East Coast has 2 of them listed again.

Harvard University in Massachusetts, which is celebrating its 375th anniversary, gets great scores across the board as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With the popularity of these 2 schools, our Cambridge real estate listings seem to be more and more searched as well as Cambridge homes both changing the dynamics of the Cambridge real estate trends.

Where you choose to attend college depends on many factors, location, price and your degree of choice.

Real Estate Shopping Using an Online Search Engine

October 7th, 2011

While real estate used to be such a lucrative market, things have changed and it has become more challenging. Now online real estate shopping is more and more popular. While saving money and doing this at home, you can also see a vast variety of homes for sale all across the U.S.A.

More and more people are doing their online shopping for homes for sale at The site is comprehensive, informative and easy to use. You can search your preferences and find the latest listings. You can search for homes in innumerable places including but not limited to: Colorado, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, etc. Simply enter the city name and state and click search.

Finding the best real estate deal can be daunting. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. The best deals are out there but they are often hidden from the eyes of buyers and sellers. is ideal for buying and selling homes for sale. Not only can you rely on the creators of for homes for sale, but they keep you up to date in top schools, home values, and local classifieds…

Medford, Mass Is A Great Choice

August 8th, 2011

Growing up I remember many of the shows that I loved were based in Medford. Not knowing exactly where this was or if it was a real town or not; it pushed to the back of my mind. Once my high school years came around, I was looking into colleges and universities. Knowing I wanted to move to a new city, I chose to start looking in the east coast. My best friend was going to Harvard. We wanted to be close. I started looking in Massachusetts for schools. It was then that I found a town called Medford. That little town of Medford from my favorite show spurred my interest. I began looking there for a college to attend.

I came across Tufts University which is located in Medford, Massachusetts. Since I was called the “Tuff Girl” growing up; this seemed to fit me well, and they offered many areas of study. I began doing more research on the school. I came across an article stating that Tufts was listed as the 39th overall top college. I filled out my paperwork and was accepted.

In the last few months of our senior year, my friend & I started looking at housing options. Neither of us wanted to stay on campus as it was our dream to room together in college. We were not going to the same college. So, we went online and did a Google search for Medford Real Estate. This brought up many options for us. We found a great site called and were able to contact local realtors about the Medford Homes we liked.

This took place years ago. My friend and I are still very close. We still live near each other. Over the years as we have advanced in our careers, we have had to move into different homes due to our family size growing. Each time we moved, we went back to the site and again were pleasantly surprised with the rapid searches and options available for us. To this day, if someone says they are moving, I will write down the site for them and hope their experiences are as great as ours.

Kids in School to Eat Healthy – Natick, Massachusetts

August 1st, 2011

Massachusetts public schools are taking out the sugared soft drinks, diet pops, and unhealthy foods and snacks. This being ban done by the state to encourage children to eat healthier.

These standards are to take effect in the coming 2012-2013 school year; and are believed to be very comprehensive.

The sweetened milk ban has been delayed until August of 2013 to allow the schools time to find others way to encourage milk consumption.

Are you looking for a healthier lunch for you child? Natick real estate has openings you won’t want to miss out on. Find your Natick homes before someone else does.

Welcome to Dover, MA

July 25th, 2011

2010 census shows the population at 5, 589; located approximately 15 miles SW of downtown Boston, Dove is nestled on the south banks of the Charles River and is a residential town. According to ‘Wiki’ the nickname of Dover is “The Town of Friendship.”

Dover real estate is unique, beautiful and holds an average family size of 3. Dover homes are near the three schools – Chickering Elementary, Dover-Sherborn Middle School and Dover-Sherborn High School.

Dover is one of a select few communities in Boston’s metro area to have more registered Republicans than Democrats.

Located in Dedham County with 22 other towns Dover, MA is a great place to be.

History of Boston Massachusetts

July 22nd, 2011

Boston Massachusetts is also known for the Boston Tea Party. Did you pay attention in history class? Can you answer these fun questions?

1. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against what?
2. Who organized The Boston Tea Party?
The Sons of Liberty
3. Who was King at the time of The Boston Tea Party?
George III
4. Name on main person who was involved in The Boston Tea Party?
Paul Revere
5. When did The Boston Tea Party occur?
December 16, 1773

Are you a history buff? Love the USA history? Maybe you would find great beauty and value in the Greater Boston real estate market or Boston Homes. The old houses, the places you can still find the small town feel, yet be in a city big enough to keep you occupied and never allow for boredom. Come visit Boston Massachusetts its an experience you won’t soon forget.

The Place to Settle Down is Watertown, MA

July 19th, 2011

There is some pretty awesome history in the housing communities of Watertown, MA. From old brick mansions to new sleek Watertown homes – you will easily find your dream home here in the city of mass history. Take a drive around to look at all the Watertown real estate bought, sold, and waiting to be made into someone’s next home. You get that sweet American happiness feel from it all.

Massachusetts is well known for its schools & minimal diversity in Watertown. Everyone will feel the small town comfy feeling of home.

Ideas for fun in Holliston, MA

July 7th, 2011

Have you heard of a Staycation? Well, staycations are becoming more and more popular these days as many families do not want to travel so far, keep things local, and/or cannot afford to travel…

Thankfully, if you are currently living in Holliston Homes, you have many choices of things to do this summer, including but not limited to:

§ Time outdoors: There are hundreds of acres of open space & preserved land in Holliston, Massachusetts. These allow for walking, mountain-biking, horseback riding, hiking and more.
§ Parks: Not a woodsy kind of person? That is ok here. There are tons of parks for you to visit, fly a kite, have a picnic or take a walk thru.
§ Live Music: On a Tuesday night take your family to the Goodwill Park for free music.
§ Library visits: There are several summer programs at the local libraries with book clubs, programs for the children and more.
§ Center for Seniors: There is even a Senior Center to allow for learning chess, get out of the heat and socialize with other members of your community, plus more.

Sound fun and want to be closer? Check out Holliston Real Estate and see many listings that are sure to fit your needs and lifestyle.