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Enrollment Students Per

Woodstone Elementary
5602 Fountainwood
San Antonio, TX 78233
91.6% 96.0% 795 15.1 North East ISD

Crestview Elementary
7710 Narrow Pass
San Antonio, TX 78233
90.5% 93.6% 571 15.0 Judson ISD

El Dorado Elementary
12634 El Sendero
San Antonio, TX 78233
89.1% 91.5% 646 13.5 North East ISD

New El
8012 Shin Oak
Live Oak, TX 78233
75.9% 92.8% 430 18.4 Judson Isd

Wood Middle
14800 Judson Road
San Antonio, TX 78233
70.0% 91.7% 1,018 15.6 North East ISD

Ed Franz Elementary
12301 Welcome Drive
San Antonio, TX 78233
73.7% 87.9% 485 16.8 Judson ISD

Shekinah Hope
13069 Ih 35N Building B
San Antonio, TX 78233
54.2% 76.0% 107 18.0 Shekinah Radiance Academy

Bexar County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
8012 Shin Oak
San Antonio, TX 78233
n/a n/a 5 n/a Judson ISD

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